Matthew Lyons is a contemporary artist who lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Growing up, Matthew was distinguished as a person who possessed innate creativity and artistic ability. He is no stranger to the arts; with his father a musician and his mother and brother contemporary artists, it was inevitable that Matt would pursue a career in the arts.

After graduating from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, with a Bachelor of the Arts in Spanish, Matthew travelled extensively throughout Central America, China and then Europe. It was during these travels that he became enamored with exploring the beauty and depth within different cultures. These cultural diversities can be seen in much of his work today. Coinciding with his traveling, Matthew became interested in the ‘post-grafitti’ street art prominent in many of the cities he had visited. He began incorporating the evocative, raw, contemporary aspects of street culture into his work. 

Although Matthew is not a ‘portraitist’, his work often portrays faces and figures. His work also often includes the use of aphorisms; pithy, life observations which portray simple truths, and help the viewer to see the point of view from which each individual piece was painted. His art appeals to more than just the visual sense, but also to the emotions of the viewer, as all art should.  

Matthew's work can be found in Anne Hunter Galleries in Rosemary Beach, Florida.